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Top Reasons to become a Seller

Display your products to hundreds if not thousands of customers at Butler County's Biggest and Best Flea Market.

Butler Flea Market has been a staple in the Butler Community since the early 1990s.

Selling at the Market is a fast, easy way to make extra cash on the weekends.

Outdoor spaces start at $12 and indoor at $20.

Start your own Business
No long term commitments, fast and easy to set up a booth. Work hard, create value and watch your business grow.

Get in Front of Hundreds of Potential Customers
Make waves in the market and kick-start growth by establishing a brand identity in the local community.

Fun Fun Fun
Enjoy selling to bargain hunters

Tips and Tricks to sell successfully

Sell your way to success

  • Visit the property
    If you've never sold at the Butler Flea Market, visit the property first to see what products are currently for sale and what items have the least amount of competition.

  • Manage your display
    Have unique signage that clearly explains your business. Make your inventory stand out by using a table cloth or display racks/cases and change your display and/or offerings every few weeks.

  • Try it for a month
    If you're new to our market, give it a try for a month. Flea markets thrive on beautiful days and if no other events are going on in Butler or the surrounding area. Businesses ebb and flow, don't give up too quickly.

  • Use social media
    Use social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) to amplify your reach, display your inventory and attract customers.

  •  Engage customers
    The market is home to many vendors all vying for market share. Stand out by understanding your potential customer's needs to create a value greater than your asking price.

  • Learn your buyers
    Observe what the Butler Flea Markets visitors are generally attracted to. Which booths do they linger at, to whom do they speak? Capitalism is beautifully simple, break it down, adapt and evolve.

  • Cross-promote
    Find ways to collaborate with other sellers. If you sell children's clothing, ask a “neighbor” who sells children's toys to recommend your products in exchange for promoting his/hers.

We want you to succeed

Let us know how we can help.
We are always just a phone call away and our staff is always on duty during all Vendor days and when open to the public. So go on, create and test-sell that new idea or product. We are cheering you on!

Mention us in your social posts, and we will share, comment and like!

How to become a Vendor

The Rules

  • Vehicle must be parked within your booth area (outside only). Keep emergency lanes open at all times.

  • Merchandise must be confined to Tenant’s space

  • Vendors are responsible for their merchandise booth area and any visitors, guests, helpers or employees.

  • No smoking inside the building. Please dispose of your cigarette butts in cigarette disposals.

  • No CBD, Delta 8, alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or illegal items are permitted on the property.

  • No counterfeit, pirated, bootleg, stolen, or illegal goods.

  • No subletting or loaning of booths.

  • Reservations are non-refundable, but credit can be issued for outside booths if we are contacted prior to 7am Sunday. (outside only)

  • The only animals allowed on property are service animals & MUST be leashed with service jacket.

  • All Tenants’ minor children (under 18) must be accompanied and under direct supervision at ALL times.

  • Tenant is expected to use good judgment should a problem arise.

  • No unreasonable noise, disruptive or abusive behavior will be tolerated. aka don’t be that guy.

  • All outside asphalt spaces (1-149) are to be clear of all waste and merchandise by 3pm Sunday.

  • All Vendors are required to be compliant with ALL permits, licenses, rules, laws and regulations.

  • Management reserves the right to close an exhibit at any time.

  • Management reserves the right to update “The Rules” as needed. Up to date Rules can be found on our website or at the information desk.

As you prepare for our weekly market, we wanted to provide you with some important information regarding vendor check-in and operating hours:

  1. New Vendor Sign-up: All vendors must be signed onto our booth rental agreement, which can be completed by following this link:

  2. Vendor Reservations:

  3. Vendor Check-In Time: Check-in for vendors begins at dawn and runs until 8:00 AM. Please ensure you arrive during this window to secure your booth and set up your display.

  4. Market Hours: The Butler Flea Market operates every Sunday from dawn until 2:00 PM. Please plan to stay until the end of the market to maximize your sales opportunities.

  5. Vendor Flyer: Outlines pricing, rules and policies, as well as our layout for vendors to set up their booths. Please take a moment to review this document thoroughly.