Outdoor Vendor Reservations

  1. New Vendor Sign-up: All vendors must be signed onto our booth rental agreement, which can be completed by following this link:

  2. Vendor Reservations: We encourage you to select your preferred booth location from the options provided below. While we'll do our best to accommodate your first choice, we kindly request that you list a few alternative options in case your preferred spot is already reserved by another vendor. This will help us assign you a booth that aligns with your preferences as closely as possible.

  3. Email us your preferred booth numbers: info@butlerfleamarket.com

  4. Vendor Check-In Time: Check-in for vendors begins at dawn and runs until 8:00 AM. Please ensure you arrive during this window to secure your booth and set up your display.

  5. Market Hours: The Butler Flea Market operates every Sunday from dawn until 2:00 PM. Please plan to stay until the end of the market to maximize your sales opportunities.

  6. Vendor Flyer: Outlines pricing, rules and policies, as well as our layout for vendors to set up their booths. Please take a moment to review this document thoroughly.

How to Reserve a Vendor Booth:

ALL highlighted cells are already reserved
White cells are currently vacant
(Please allow a minute for reservations to load)

Outdoor Vendor Layout at Butler Flea Market
Outdoor Vendor Layout at Butler Flea Market